KLAS (CBS Las Vegas)

Discipline: Print UX Design UI Design Web Design

KLAS is a historic television station located just off the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. The station is Southern Nevada's CBS news affiliate, and at one time was owned by Howard Hughes.

Logo created for a chance to win a truck at an NHL practice facility.I work on the digital side of the television station (though I do make the occasional on-air graphic). The digital department is run like an ad agency. Ad space is sold on the KLAS website, as well as ads that show up on other websites, similar to those in the Google Display Network.

I definitely have grown the most at KLAS compared to any other place in my career. There are times where I deal with difficult projects and clients, but I'm better today because of the experience. I have a wide range of duties that include, but was not limited to:


  • Design banner and Facebook ads
  • Design promotional posters
  • Layout and design mobile applications
  • Design branding and logos for sales packages
  • Design and code landing pages
  • Cut television segments and post them online
  • Design and code landing pages
  • Traffic digital ads and pre-roll video ads

Package for local client
Facebook ad for local jeweler
Station Promo

Logos for various pitches and presentations

App layouts for news, weather, and traffic

Tower banner ads for various campaigns

siems pink box

728x90 Digital Ads for Las Vegas businesses